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This program provides facilities necessary for making ceramics (a workspace, potter's wheels and kilns, etc.) with ceramic artists wishing to stay in Tokoname to do their works.
It is recommended for experienced potters from Japan and abroad wishing to improve techniques in short time (about one month or two). So far, many ceramic artists from various countries such as U.S.A, Malaysia, Australia, Canada and Israel have participated in this program.

【Recommended for you!】

“I want to make ceramics with Japanese clay and kiln in Tokoname famous for one of The Six Ancient Kilns of Japan”.
“I want to make ceramics in Japan with my pottery class members.”
“I want students at my university to make ceramics in Tokoname for learning Japanese pottery.”

We wish to be flexible to meet various requests. Please contact us if you have some questions.
《Contact Information》
●Kyouei-Gama Ceramic Art School
phone number:0569-35-0705
●Gallery Kyouei-Gama
phone number:0569-34-7721 E-mail:

★★★About Fees★★★

【Ceramic Studio Fee】

length of stayfee(for one person)
up to 7 days10,800 yen
8-14 days16,200 yen
15-21 days21,600 yen
22-30 days32,400 yen
over 31 daysadding 1,080 yen per day

※The fees for using the workspace, electric potter's wheels and various tools are included in the ceramic studio fee. If you need other specific tools, please bring your own tools.

the workspace

electric potter's wheels



You may bring your own clay and may buy it at Kyouei-Gama Ceramic Art School.

red clay 10kg…1,404 yen / 20kg…2,376 yen
white clay 10kg…1,404 yen / 20kg…2,376 yen

【Glaze Room Fee】

You can use the glaze room for up to 3 days. We have about 20 kinds of ceramic glaze.
fee(for one person)…10,800 yen
glaze:ORIBE, KIZETO, TENMOKU, SHINO, white-matte etc. (about 20 different colors)

【Gas Fired Kiln Fee】

※For the sake of safety, only people who have experience in using a gas fired kiln can use it.
 You are required to observe cautions when you use it.
※The following fees are the examples. We will charge you the total amount of the kiln usage fee and the gas fee.
 The price will depend on the size of kiln and the length of time. Please contact us for details.

biscuit firing : kiln usage fee(0.5m3)3days4,860 yen
gas fee4,000 - 5,000 yen
glost firing : kiln usage fee(0.7m3)4days8,640 yen
gas fee12,000 - 20,000 yen


We cannot be responsible for any trouble during your work. Please be careful when you use facilities and tools.
If you damage facilities or tools, we afraid we have to charge you the actual costs. Please be forewarned.

Accommodations Information

We can’t provide accommodations for the program participants.
There are some hotels near Kyouei-Gama Ceramic Art School. You can see the nearby hotels websites by clicking on the following URLs.
Please contact the hotels directly for details.