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We started this course in April 1996.It is aimed at fostering ceramic artisits with specialized knowledge and skills in the overall field of pottery and develoing innovative ideas in their creative work.
Over 80 students graduated this course (including students from abroad) and many of them now play active roles in the field of pottery both in Japan and overseas.

Graduate Of Special Training Course

1948 Born in Tokai City in Aichi Prefecture
1948 Started pottery at Tokoname Ceramic Art School
2005 Accepted at the 27th CHOZA-Prize
Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition
2007 Learned pottery in Tokoname,
Kyouei-Gama Ceramic Art School Special Training Course
2008 Accepted at the 39th TOKAI Traditional Art Crafts

Exhibition(for 5 consecutive years from 2008)
2009 Awarded the special prize at the 34th Aichi Prefecture
BUNREN Art Exhibition
2011 Awarded the Gold Prize at the 11th Eto-Okimono
Design Competition
2012 Accepted at the 5th Modern CHATOUSHOU Exhibition

Application Form

* Now inviting students starting in April 2015.

application period and selection method : interview as needed

filing document : personal resume

training period : one year(April 2015?March 2016)

quota : 8 students

qualification : everyone who wants to learn pottery with ambition (no age restriction)

school fee: 64,800 yen (including tax) / a month
The monthly fee includes lesson fee, materials fee, firing fee and ceramic studio fee.
If you need specific materials or stuffs that we can't provide, please prepare them at your expense.

application place: Kyouei-Gama Ceramic Art School

2-88, Kitajo, Tokoname-city, Aichi Prefecture
TEL : 0569-35-0705
E-mail :

or Gallery Kyouei-Gama
2-88, Kitajo, Tokoname-city, Aichi Prefecture
TEL : 0569-34-7721
E-mail :

how to submit application:

Please send the filing document to the address above or make a phone call.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions(telephone, e-mail, contact form are available).

Course Contents

Katsuo Mizukami , Toshihiro Tomimoto , Kouichiro Takeuchi

lesson contents:

number of lessons:
approximately 60 lessons a year
* You can do your work freely when instructors' lessons are off.

lesson hours:
9:30-12:30 or 14:00-17:00

practical training:

Ryoji Koie , Yushi Ito etc.

At the conclusion of the course, the graduation exhibition, the first exhibition as a professional potter
is held at Gallery Kyouei-Gama in March.

a picture of a lesson

a picture of a lesson

a picture of a lesson

a picture of a lesson

a picture of a lesson

a picture of a lesson


2 ceramic studios for the exclusive use of special training course students,

glaze room, 6 gas fires kilns(including 1 test kiln)

For Details

Workshop Program(Short-Stay)

The purpose of this program is to improve experienced potters' techniques even more in short time (about one month or two).

So far, many potters from various countries such as U.S.A, Malaysia, Australia,Canada and Israel have participated in this program.

For Details