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About Each Course

Time Schedule


Lesson Courses

Trial Course (※By Appointment Only)

You can make cups, plates etc. under the direction of instructors(local ceramic artists).
You are free to choose from a variety of pottery techniques - ROKURO(throwing),TATARA(slab building),TEBINERI(hand forming) etc.

How to make ceramics - ROKURO(throwing)

1. Kneading the clay up and down
and put it on the center of the wheel.

2. After centering, throwing it to be
equal thick tube-shaped.

3. Arranging the shape as you like.

How to make ceramics - TATARA(slab building)

1. Slab cutting (make the clay

2. Pushing TATARA to a plaster mold
and creating the form.

3. Trimming the edges and arranging
the shape.

How to make ceramics - TEBINERI(hand forming)

1. Making the bottom first, and
making clay in the shape of a rod.

2. Coiling up the clay rod on the

3. Arranging the shape to be equal-thick.


* At one lesson you can make about 4 items : for example yunomi(teacup)x2 ,chawan(rice bowl)x2
(It depends on the kind of technique and the item size)
* Glazing : Basically school staffs do, but if you like you can experience glazing your own works(at no additional cost).
Please check the date of the next glazing day on the calendar information.
* It takes about 1-2months to complete.

* Reservations or questions : telephone, e-mail or from contact form.
Reservation by telephone : 10:00-17:00 on Tuesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday(except for public holidays).

Contact Information : Kyouei-Gama Ceramic Art School
TEL : 0569-35-0705 E-mail :
※We recommend you make a reservation 2 days before your desired lesson day.

[ your information needed for reservation ]
・name(representative person)
・date of your desired lesson day
・the number of people

approximate time required : about 3 hours
fee :

* 3,780 yen per person(including 2kg clay and firing fee)
* group participants(over 10 people) 3,240 yen per person

delivery charge(for one place):

Tokai 3 prefectures(Aichi,Gifu,Mie)…1,300 yen Other area…1,800 yen
Packing together is possible up to 4 peoples' works.

Members Course

Taking lessons regularly helps you to make rapid progress.
We back up your challenge with full-scale facilities and small-group guidance.

a picture of lesson

a picture of lesson

a tool kit(school's original)

We hold recreational events at random times (for those who are interested).
It's a good chance to deepen exchanges among school members and to have precious experiences.

Inquiries or questions : telephone, e-mail or from contact form.
Contact Information : Kyouei-Gama Ceramic Art School
TEL : 0569-35-0705 E-mail :
Please feel free to visit our school(Please tell the receptionist that you want to have a look-around the school).

fees :
* entry fee(getting lifetime membership) 5,400 yen (including a tool kit)
* weekday course(4 lessons a month) 4,320 yen
* Saturday course(4 lessons a month) 5,400 yen
(The key to develop your skill is taking lessons at the regular day of the week and time.)
* flexible course(ticket system : no expire date)
(It is possible to have lessons in your available time whenever the lessons are held.)
5 tickets---10,800 yen 10 tickets---19,980 yen 20 tickets---37,800 yen
* extra fees
clay 324 yen / 2kg
firing fee 324 yen / 200g

Special Training Course

This course is aimed at fostering ceramic artisits with specialized knowledge and skills in the overall field of pottery
and develoing innovative ideas in their creative work.
Many of this course's graduates now play active roles in the field of pottery both in Japan and overseas.

For details: