About us - 倒焔式角窯

Touenshiki-Kaku-Gama(square down-draught kiln)

The fire mouths of Touenshiki-Kaku-Gama are made on the long side of the rectangle.
There is a fire bridge in front of a fire mouth.
It conditions the direction of movement of the flame and prevents things just in front of the fire mouth from being locally-heated.
It adjusts the height as a function of firing conditions.

The flame generated at the fire mouth climbs upward between the sidewall and the fire bridge up to the ceiling,comes down between things to be fired.
And then it is sucked into the swallow hole on the kiln floor and drawn to the chimney through the small flue and the main flue.
The ceiling is typically half-circle-shaped, and it has some cooling cavities.

This kiln was reconstructed in 1954 and it had been firing earthenware pipes by 1974.